JC Fundraising andJCF Mexicofounder Jaden has been living in Mexico for about 6 months now and says “I am moved every day by the amount of uncared for animals here. I have 2 rescue dogs of my own and I so wish I could do more to help but its not easy in rented accommodation. We always carry a bag of dried food in the trunk of our car but its not enough.

Street Dog Appeal

I want to do more, so I’m hoping to raise enough funds to purchase some land here and to build some shelters to house street dogs. The money left over will help me to purchase food and water and also vet costs as I hope to castrate and spay all the dogs I rescue when possible.

This is a big thing to undertake but every day I see so many street dogs and then I look at my dogs who have a lovely home and cuddles and food and water and shelter and toys and chew sticks and and and

I am not able to work here at the moment and doing all I can but would love, with your support, to start the Star Temple Rescue Centre and maybeeven one day to be able to find new homes for the dogs. Can you help?”

We hope you can. To help Jaden achieve his goal by making a donation please either click this GoFundMe link or go to Our Causes page and at the top of the page there’s our own donate button – just quote “Street Dogs” in the reference.

Thank you.