To Help Those Who Can't Fight For Themselves

Jaden Cornelious Fundraising was formed in 2009 for the direct distribution of funds raised by, for and on behalf of the causes supported by Jaden Cornelious.

I have been been told several times that charity begins at home. I am a child of Mother Earth and as far as I know I am human!

Therefore, home to me is Earth, so no matter what country, race, religious background, colour skin or fur, foliage or age … anything or anyone that needs help and cannot help themselves, I will do whatever I possibly can to give that help.

I am blessed and do not take that for granted … I am loved and do not take that for granted … I am healthy and do not take that for granted … I am ALIVE and do not want to waste time.

– Jaden

Jaden Cornelious Fundraising started in 2009 as the Jaden Cornelious Foundation. Its first venture was a musical fundraiser to raise £9,000 for breast cancer charities and campaigns.

This was successfully completed and money was distributed in May 2010 between three breast cancer causes.

After deciding to remain a Non-Profit Organisation to help as many different needs and causes as possible the name was changed to JC Fundraising as it wasn’t Jaden’s group anymore. Many people were liking his idea of creating groups all over the world to help local needs and joining the team setting their own FUN raising families. JC Fundraising was born.

We are not a large group of people, we are a small group of friends with large hearts that want to do their small bit to give back. There are so very many needs and causes that need supporting and it can become overwhelming. Very few charities are 100% giving to their true cause but that’s what we’ve always striven to do and there are no plans to ever change this!

Once a year (every May) we fundraise for ourselves to help with grant donations and our very limited administration costs but the other 11 months of the year (minus any Paypal, GoFundme, etc. costs) we are as near to 100% giving as we can be.

We can set up standing orders to help support all our campaigns and would be pleased if you would follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to support and share our work.  If you would like more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.