August 2020 update – inc the Skype AGM

Wow – not the way we intended to end our 2019/2020 fundraising year but we still did pretty good in the end!

The JCF North Devon, UK team chose North Devon Animal Ambulance and Special Olympics North Devon as their 2 charities of the year and fortunately managed to squeeze in their last fundraising event in on Friday 13th March before the UK went into Covid lockdown! As a result of their successful event, it meant that the North Devon team was able to give £1,500 to each of their chosen charities.

The newly formed JCF Sussex also did really well in handing over £410.00 to Hessas Helpless Hounds and £270.00 to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary.

A few months after the end of our 2018/2019 fundraising year we took the decision that as it was unlikely for us to reach our £8,500 target to start our own street animal shelter in Mexico that we would have to look at other options. As a result of this we gave a donation of £3,024.91 to SOS El Arca, Cancun and the remainder was used to treat injured and rescued street dogs. This campaign has now closed however Jaden has decided to keep all 8 street dogs that he rescued plus numerous rescue cats so we are keeping our PayPal account open to help the rescued street animals he is looking after – which obviously isn’t cheap!! As this is an on going project if anyone wants to make a donation please use the Friends and Family option on our PayPal account to avoid us having to pay any charges. The PayPal address to use is and use the reference Jaden’s Street Rescue’s.

A first for us was the appreciation of the little team in Brisbane, Australia for helping to get aid to those affected by the many bush fires on the East Coast – they were amazing!

To round off, we would like to thank each and every one for helping us this year for making it so successful. Wherever you are in the world whether you gave time, money, practical donations or just thoughts – it was all truly appreciated and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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